Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Perils of Grocery Shopping

Since TDH and I don't get to spend as much time together as we'd like, we often talk on the phone while we're going about our everyday lives. It's not like we do anything particularly exciting, just day to day stuff, things that need to be done, but that seem to be more fun because we have each other for entertainment.
While he's driving home from work, when he's on his way to Home Depot, while we're driving to see each other, while I'm headed to the gym - essentially whenever one of us is out of the house without our spouse, and when the other can get a moment alone, we're on the phone.
We must get annoying to the cashiers in all these places, because often we're each wearing our headset, thus carrying on a conversation with essentially no one. I know I've gotten dirty looks before. So what I try to do now is to put him on hold, so I can pay attention to whoever is helping me out, then beep back when I'm through paying.
One thing we do love to do though (and that we do more and more often) is when one of us has to stop in at someones house, or have a conversation with someone, we'll keep the other person on the line so they can hear what's going on. This often results in whoever is just listening in, whispering dirty thoughts into the phone, while the one involved in face to face communication with someone has to try and carry on a normal exchange.
Lots of times the result of this is sudden outbursts of laughter, or him whispering "fuuuuuck" under his breath while I'm telling him what I wish I was doing to him. It's almost turned into a game now - see if we can make the other person laugh, or see how turned on we can get them before they head back to their car.
But still, one of my favourite things (and his) is going grocery shopping, because many times we seem to be grocery shopping at the same time, though on opposite sides of the city. We just walk around, chatting to each other about what we're buying, telling each other what's good, and most of the time we end up buying wacky stuff, just because we get distracted by talking. I guess one of the reasons we like it most is because grocery shopping is such a normal, "married" couple thing.
I know, danger, danger, danger :)


asweetnectar said...

That is fun to toy with them while in situations like that. Funny and ironic how those lovers do become a part of our lives like that.

His Other Woman said...

Who knew grocery shopping could be so much fun ;)

O said...

That is so sweet. :)

Riff Dog said...

There is something very cool about "participating" in every day things like shopping. It's like another level of intimacy.

If you don't mind me being your mother for a minute, please do put calls on hold at the checkout. It saddens me how people are more and more in their own little personal bubbles and so many forms of real human contact are being erased by iPods and cell phones. (Sorry for the sermon. It's just a thing with me.)

Anonymous said...

They always say that the produce section is quite an erotic place. it true? (I ask this tongue-in-cheek because I have a feeling you find the whole damn store erotic!)

Krazy said...

Oh girl, you made me laugh! I can only imagine the face of the person in front of TDH when he says "fuuuuuck". Priceless!

L. said...

Funny! I love going to the store, too.

We don't talk on the phone (neither of us are phone people) but I can see the attraction. I've often thought the people on those Bluetooth headphones that you can't see seem like crazy people, talking to no one. Now I'm going to wonder about all the people I see obsessively talking to themselves. Especially if they're going fuuuuuck.

Though my assessment stands: crazy, right?

Southern Swinger said...

Sort of like walking around with a vibrator in your pussy that is being remote controlled and you are trying to pay the check out person while hiding an organism.