Monday, January 12, 2009

I'll Never Complain About a Board Room Meeting...

TDH and I are on the mend from last week's misunderstanding/blog discovery/fight extraordinaire, and are slowly, but surely, getting back to normal. Today we texted through the morning, and had a two hour phone call this afternoon. Though things are back to happy in that way, we have yet to see each other in's been since December 19th people!!! Too long.

Anyways, as a way of cheering myself up further, and posting something other than a dreary fight recap, or a sniffle-worthy depiction of how much I love him, I figured I'd do something different...I'd recap all the places I can remember us having sex.

Before that though, can I just say that this man is an absolute God in the sack? Like maddeningly scream-worthy, every touch makes me shudder in happiness and excitement, I want to fuck you till I can't walk, mind-blowingly phenomenal? Oy. My toes curl just thinking about it.

So without dragging this out further, let me begin:

At The Office
My desk*
Up against the wall in my office*
His desk
Various locations on the floor in his office
A co-workers desk*
That same co-workers desk chair
Up against that same co-workers wall*
The board room table (one of my personal favorites)
Various cubicles around the main part of our office*
The front desk of our offices - right where the bitchy secretary sits
The stairwell*

Honorable mention goes out to the elevator, various hallways in our office building, and the staff kitchen for hosting various other sexual activities.
*The starred listings are those that have been used during working hours as well, when other people were around.

His House
Living room couch
Living room floor
Floor of his home office
Balanced on the back of the couch in the basement
Pull-out couch in the basement
Hood of his wife's car while it was parked in the garage

My House
Living room couch
Up against the wall in my kitchen
My guest bedroom bed
My bed
The floor in the living room

Backseat of my car
Front seat of my car
Hood of my car
Hood of his car
Against a tree at a nearby beach
Various parking lots or secluded roads around the city
-we often joke that our DNA can be found randomly around the city because of the "clean-up evidence" being scattered everywhere

Now that's a fairly extensive list, and some of them have been used more than once (did I mention how much I love the board room table?), but I have a few others that I have been dying to try out. For example: my dining room table, the staircase at his house, up against the windows in my office downtown, in the change rooms at Victoria's Secret (he loves going there with me to pick things out).

Sigh. I need to see him in person. Time to get some :)


Anonymous said...

Hehe...your bed? Naughty naughty girl. Here I wasn't going to say anything about using my bed to fuck Jezebel.

Yeah right.

I would like to add her parents' dining room table to my list. How naughty.

Shack said...

I love the list.

My only concern NOW is that since he has found your blog, are you not going to be honest with us and yourself knowing he is reading it?

Freak At Heart said...

Sounds like a fun trip around the city to me..... ;-)

Krazy said...

I think my list is longer, LOL. Naughty, naughty!!

I hope you get to see him soon!

L. said...

I'm wondering if that poor co-worker suddenly had a whiff of the left-behind pheromones and felt a little... somethin-somethin.

Oh, and the Vix Secret salespeople are totally on to you. Sadly, they're so used to people trying that so most of the changerooms have little hidden cameras and half doors now.

How about back row of a porn theatre?

smarty.pants said...

Mmmmm....all those sound delicious. I need to have some exciting sex in some exciting places.

Insatiable Kate said...

BND - Yes, MY bed. Many, many times :)

Shack - Yep, I'm still going to be honest. He's told me he never, ever wants to read it again, and I believe him. His only request is that I occasionally tell him what I posted, and the comments you guys leave.

Freak - Always :)

Krazy - I'm always up for increasing the length of that list. Always!

L - The funny part is that we used to tease that co-worker by telling him we had sex on his desk. Then we'd laugh and he would get all grossed out...if he only knew.

smarty.pants - Nothing more fun (or stupid) than having sex at the office when there are still people around :) woohoo!

LiLu said...

Oh, yums. You're making me want to pull my bf away from his Madden right now...