Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Need Some Advice

Nothing serious, and in fact, pretty much the exact opposite of serious.

Okay, now how to put this...

When it comes to my nether-regions, I have a clean slate. There is no 70's bush, no landing strip, no nothing. I like the bare look.

Essentially what I'm trying to say is that I have no pubic hair :)

I started going bare when I was about 15 or so, and I've just never went back, I love it. SH doesn't seem to care either way (big surprise, he doesn't really have an opinion about it), but TDH loves it.

So the other day TDH and I somehow got on the topic of grooming. He asked me how long I had been tending things this way, and then said "Hmm, I wonder what you would look like with a strip or something?"

As the conversation went on, he said that he prefers me to be bare, but that now his interest was piqued as to what I would look like with a bit he asked me to let it grow so he could see what it was like. He said to do whatever I wanted with it, he was just curious.

So here's where I need the advice. What do any of you find sexy on a woman? What do you do yourself? A strip? Regular old bush, just kept trimmed? In a heart shape? Glitter?


asweetnectar said...

Bare kitty is a happier kitty for me. but it is all about personal preference and partner preference

Anonymous said...

I know your question was posed more to your female readership, but I thought I'd offer a male perspective.

Your question is an interesting one.

As frequent readers of my blog already know, I absolutely love, love love cunnilingus (and have been told--more than once--that I have a "magic tongue"), and am always wondering about the pubic hair grooming habits of friends, friends' wives, my wife's friends, colleagues, acquaintances, others (I bet Sarah Palin is shaved and that Michelle Obama has hair down there).

To top this off, my wife has a full, overgrown bush and I wish she would trim it (and am curious what it would look like bald).

That being said, I always find it easier to navigate my tongue in a tamed or bare pussy, but won't hesitate to dive in when there's hair either.

As asweetnectar said, it's all about personal/partner preferences.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Southern Swinger said...

SH: I prefer completely bare. However SW like to keep a very small landing strip. But as Ronald said I'll dive in no matter what

Anonymous said...

I have to cast another vote for a bare kitty.

Ronald said it: for giving cunnilingus, there's nothing better!

Anonymous said...


From a purely practical sense, it's easier to keep. I don't know how to manicure my way into a lovely heart shape. Bare is really just yummier.

Wendy Juniper said...

I have a teeny tiny strip right at the top part, the 'undercarriage' so to speak, is bare:) I like a little bit most of the time. Was actually thinking of growing back a proper strip, but by no means the whole lot, just for a change. My partner mostly likes it bare-ish but he's not bothered if I want to do something different, so I mix it up sometimes!

His Other Woman said...

Bare is better...seems like kitty is more sensitive when there is less hair there.

Krazy said...

I have the landing strip on top and shaved everywhere else. The clit is bare. Big T loves it that way and DH too. I might shave completely someday just to try.

Shack said...

Let the cat out of the bag! <== that my dear is a damn good pun! Your post made me smile.

To me, being a guy, it really doesn't matter... some women actually look better with a bit of a beard but if you are going to have one it should be well kept.

hell, i trim mine.

Anonymous said...

I agree keep it clean but love it bare....

Cheating Wife said...

Bare. I think all men since I went that route have commented on it being their preference. I prefer a little "manscaping" myself on SG and my H, for the record...hope that helps.


Anonymous said...

I prefer wet. Trimmed is nice.

Love your blog. Come by and see mine sometime:

smarty.pants said...

Glitter...I almost spit out my tea.

I find it is easiest to keep it bare or trim...I I have a hard time keeping an symmetrical strip... said...

What advise?

Riff Dog said...

My answer is admittedly contradictory, but here goes: I prefer the look of a bush, although trimmed. But when I'm "down there," I prefer bare.

Spare me the glitter, though! I don't wanna be explaining errant glitter on my face to me wife! ;)

Insatiable Kate said...

Nectar - No, I agree!

Ronald - Loved your answer, very thorough :) And I will keep you posted!

Southern Swinger - I've been contemplating the landing strip.

BND - I figured that would be the most popular choice :)

Button - Yummier indeed!

Wendy - Hmmm, that sounds interesting too...

HOW - Mmm, I agree :)

Krazy - You should try it! It's great.

Shack - I love the pun! And I am impressed that you trim. I insist on that in a man!

Shadow - Bare it is :)

CW - Bare seems to be nearly the consensus among men.

Tallgrass - LOL!!!! Love your answer!

smartypants - I thought maybe some people got fancy with glitter :D
And yes, I'm concerned about symetrics too.

CybKnight - On hair or no hair!

Riff - Really? Hmmm, interesting...and yeah, I can understand how explaining a sparkly face could be difficult ;)

Anonymous said...

I like to keep mine clean...Very short!

relevent married guy said...

Bare is best. My own sexy HW has been completely haved since we met, having just a "small strip" before we met. She says it is easier that way. As a guy, I just love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But in the end, it is your choice, and not someone else's choice. Do what you makes you happy sexy lady!

Advizor said...

I'm jumping in with my vote late, but I love bare, smooth, naked, shaved, soft...

To me it says that she wants to be sexy, wants top be open, visible, accessible...

To me it says "Lick me, taste me, take me...."

Unfortunately, my wife sports a full bush. Aaaaaaahhhh. Even a little trimming would be nice.