Friday, July 3, 2009

The "Fight" Is On

TDH and I often talk tough to each other. Since he's got some considerable size over me, he gets a real kick out of how I always claim to be able to "take him" should the two of us ever have a fight. And by "fight" we both mean more along the lines of a wrestling match, the likes of which will lead to some ramped up sex. We've talked about having this fight for ages, but so far have never had enough time to actually have it. That's probably because when we are alone together, we jump right into the sex :)
Ah well, the following is a conversation we had via text this morning:

I want to have a physical fight with you...
Oh yeah? Too bad I'd totally own you ;)
You would not! I'm tough! But it would be fun...
It would be fun! But honestly, you're fiesty and all, but you're little...I will so own you :) You'll be all squirmy, but that's about it...
Size isn't always the most important thing though, grasshopper. I'd at least like the chance to try!
A chance you will get, little one :)
You're such a big talker - I'd cause trouble though.
Maybe, but if things are not going well I'll just pick you up, sling you over my shoulder, and walk. Not much you can do up there...
LOL! It's on baby! Keep teasing me like that you'll get a fight for sure!
You mean a mini Katiecat squirm? ;)
You just keep it up mister, I'll surprise you yet! I can kick your ass...
Yeah maybe, but the problem with kicking is that you have to be right-side up, and on the ground, lol.
I'm not worried - I'll just never let myself get in a position where you can pick me up like that.
I'll just grab your arm, pull you close, bear hug you, and flip you upside down. Easy!
Oh, like it's just that easy!
Actually, it kind of is...
Oh, whatever TDH, you'll see!
So will you...and the world will look upside down to you :)

Would anyone not want to fight with this man?