Saturday, January 17, 2009

This Made Me Smile

I don't think I've touched on this yet, but since we've been found out, TDH has gotten a job elsewhere, and after my maternity was up, I went back to my old job. However, I am seriously looking to find another job, as the place just doesn't feel right to me anymore.
This makes TDH happy because he knows that I'm unhappy there, but worried because he knows that me finding another job (in a male dominated field) will mean new men around me. As mean as this may make me seem, I like his worry. Once in a great, great while - it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who gets paranoid.

The following msn conversation took place yesterday afternoon:

TDH says: You'll get a new job, and love it there - (with all the old ladies)
Kate says: With all the men I can flirt my way to the top with, you mean?
TDH says: No men - only old ladies - who haven't been laid in 20 years
TDH says: You'll be their savior! And make them all want to go out and get freaky!
Kate says: Yeah, I'd rather work with the dudes
TDH says: You'll tell them stories about your last job - and how you got freaky with one of your co-workers on the boardroom table (but they can't tell your husband...etc)
TDH says: You'll bring a sexual revolution to the company of oldies
Kate says: There will be dudes - sorry babe
TDH says: Yeah - there might be - but they will be ugly, and be about as dumb as rocks
TDH says: Sorry to you babe
Kate says: Don't worry - no one else is crazy enough to think about me the way you do
Kate says: All I know is that there will be men - but that I won't think about them in any other way than work people, and they will think of me as that loud, annoying woman they work with
TDH says: They will like you - and be attracted to you - I know - I used to work with you - I saw the way others looked at you
TDH says: Especially in those fucking heels - mmmmmmmmmm
Kate says: You saw the way you looked at me - that's it
TDH says: And Kevin, and Aaron.... (I think his name was Aaron)
TDH says: I even saw Todd checking out your legs -
Kate says: Who? Aaron?
TDH says: Tall guy, with glasses
Kate says: Eric?!??!!
TDH says: Aaron... no - that wasn't his name - I dunno -
Kate says: Really????
TDH says: Yeah! Eric!
TDH says: Marshall!
TDH says: Yeah - when you walked by, he always looked back
Kate says: Oh topic!!
TDH says: And once you were standing at Dawn's desk - with a skirt, and you were kind of bent over her desk talking to her - more leaning on it, and I saw Todd's eyes travel up your legs
Kate says: Fuck off
TDH says: I don't know who you were talking to - but I saw his eyes
Kate says: Okay - enough
Kate says: Really!!!
TDH says: I'm telling you - you are one hot mama! - and it's not just me that thinks that! Sorry - guys will check you out - it's a fact of life
TDH says: I wish I could hire you to work for me, and I'd hide you away so I wouldn't have to share you with anyone
Kate says: LOL! You can't hide me away - I have to work somewhere!
TDH says: It actually worries me - you obviously don't see yourself the way other people do - guys are going to be falling for you all over the place...

I went to sleep last night with a blissful, sadistic little grin on my face.
Yes I did.


Anonymous said...

*grin* Yay!
Good, I'm glad he realizes what he has. And don't lie,'ve noticed those other men checking you out. It feels good, doesn't it? ;)

Shack said...

I agree with Button's comment. I do find it interesting though, that women in general do tend to underestimate their beauty, sexiness, and attractiveness to men.

Believe it or not, given a choice of being with a super hot woman, and even though she loved me but was a total bitch, and a woman that might not be "be all that" but has personality, wittiness, and most importantly a comfortableness in her own skin.

I'd choose the second any day.

His Other Woman said...

Turnabout is fair play ;)

Krazy said...

I am sure he did notice all that and you are a hot mama. Find a job with lots of attractive guys and make him jealous. That will keep him close. LOL.

Insatiable Kate said...

Button - Honestly, I've noticed one or two guys from work, but I'm kind of oblivious to most of them. I'll admit though, when I do catch someone looking, it does feel good :)

Shack - That's what TDH is always telling me, he shakes his head that I don't see myself the way he does.
And I agree with your second point too - what's the point of being with a physically beautiful person if they're ugly everywhere else?

His Other Woman - I agree :)

Krazy - I'll have a little fun with him, that's for sure ;)

Just a Girl said...

So lucky. Wish guys at work were looking at me like that ;)

Anonymous said...

I wish girls looked at me like that! I bet you feel like $1,000,000--as you should!