Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm In the Midst of a Whole New Problem

For the last two weeks, I've been struggling with something. Something that seems to be slowly overtaking me, so that I'm having trouble focusing on anything else. It's not bad, necessarily, but it makes it difficult to go about everyday life.

It seems that I can't turn myself off. Sexually.

Laugh if you must (I totally would if I was reading this), but I am being absolutely serious.

I've always been a sexual person; never turning it down, never shying away, always up to try things, pretty much wanting it all the time...but these days, I can't turn it off! I am literally so turned on all the time, that it's hard doing everyday things.

Yesterday afternoon, for example, I took my daughter out for a ride in her stroller, and while I was walking I became acutely aware of the way my levi's were rubbing between my legs. After watching a movie last night that had a fairly forgettable sex scene, I was aching for someones hands on me. This morning while I had a shower, before I knew what was happening I was slipping my fingers down my stomach...and each time I get turned on like that, I have to take care of business.

It's funny that Button should have mentioned this last week, because it's happened about three times in the past week, without me even trying! It happened for the first time about a year ago, with a great deal of focus and concentration on my part. But since then, each time it happens seems to be a little easier, and now, apparently, it just happens at will.

I don't know if it's happening more now because I'm not having sex with TDH anymore, so my body is trying to compensate, or what. My poor husband has been jumped far more than he would normally be ready for, but still nothing seems to satiate me. The instant we're done, I want more.

I go to get groceries, I want more. I'm working, I want more. I'm talking to someone on the phone, I want more. It's never ending! And frankly, it's starting to get exhausting. Believe me, I love to be turned on, but it seems my husband, and me doing it myself, just aren't cutting it.

The only thing I can think of to possibly cure me, is a marathon fuck-fest. Perhaps to the point where I'm having trouble walking. But when your husband can't (or isn't willing to give you what you want), and you're no longer on fuck terms with your lover, what's a girl to do?


RIV said...

i had a lover like that in the past, got her a pocket rocket and other toys to keep her going through the day and the sessions at night were terrific, but exhausting.
Finally, i arranged a nice gangbang everyweek for a few months and that seemed to do it, for at least awhile.

Could it be just the hormones going a bit on the wild side? might need to see a gyno about it.

Either way, I hope that you find a resolution that will find a happy compromise.

Anonymous said...

Solution! My e mail is right there on my blog! ;) Sadly, the geography thing will probably get in the way.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you're talking about! M just left and I'm still throbbing. It's the way his cock hits my g-spot...I could go all day...
Enjoy it!

asweetnectar said...

I so feel your pain! It is a constant thought....what do ya do?

Topaz said...

Wow, I almost envy you! When DL and I got involved, I was always ready for it, every second, insatiable, it was crazy. I'm starting to get back into that mode, but not able to orgasm on queue!
For me, eating dampens my sexual appetite (when I'm always turned on, food is almost revolting), so I don't know if there's anything like that to help quench it? Of course, if all cures seem revolting, then there seems to be no solution.

BTW- Thanks for the comment on my post! I look forward to any (and I mean ANY) feedback you have! I could use your point of view!

Krazy said...

I think you should post an ad on Ashley Madison, for a man with enough stamina to deal with a horny woman, I am sure you will have your mailbox full by the next hour.

Or maybe you can go to the gym and release some energy.

Girl, there's nothing wrong with being horny all day, but let me tell you a secret: it's all in your head, not between your legs.

Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest the same thing as Wryguy....and make the same offer to MyButton and ASweetNectar....I wish you all lived in South Florida....

Xa said...

ohh your story looks very sincere and real!! Or it's a fiction? Anyway, i feel silly and impatient when I realize that you are so impatient!
Amazingly, I have been writing my own case, looking for a strong and lovely sex night with my married co-worker!!

Insatiable Kate said...

RIV - Eeek! I don't think it's a gyno issue!

wryguy - Aww, thanks for being so willing to help, but I'm sure the geography would be a problem. Damn!

Button - Delicious!

Nectar - Exactly! What do you DO?

Topaz - Envy? Well, it's pretty great, but honestly, it's tiring, lol!

Krazy - Your whole comment is spot on. It IS in my head, but I think it's the emotional part coupled with the physical, that I'm really missing.

Ronald - Awww, you're sweet too! Too bad I live quite a ways from Florida...

Xa - No fiction here, this is real baby!

Susan said...

Your husband isn't into it? Holy shit???

Anonymous said...

To be honest I have been feeling exactly the same way for the past couple of weeks now, I guess the only difference is that whenever I relive the moment of me and my partner making love or think about his huge cock or the fantasies that we plan on doing for real it makes me almost instantly wet and horny. Anything about him makes me horny. And the more I distract myself, the hornier I get. believe me, you're not alone honey :)