Friday, February 6, 2009

Okay, So We Had It Out

I'm not going to go into the details, but this week TDH and I had it out about the weirdness between us. Via text message of all the ways to do it. I don't know if anyone else has ever had an argument over text, but it's maddening. Unfortunately at the time, he wasn't able to call me, and I just couldn't wait 5 hours until he was able to, so texting it was.
It was scary, and harsh, and some things came to light that terrified us both, but for now at least, I think we're moving back to where we were.

I'm sorry to all my male readers, but I need to generalize here, just for my own sanity...why is it that men insist nothing is wrong until they make the woman (or at least one of the women) in their life nearly have a breakdown, because the woman is smart enough to know something is up, then eventually the man just lets it all pour out, when if he had just confessed what was going on in the first place, the entire fight/argument/misunderstanding could have been avoided in the first place?!?!? Fuck.

*I know all men aren't really like this - but in my experiences with both SH and TDH, this is always the case.

Anyways, part of what came out is that I haven't been myself lately. I have to admit though, that I knew this was the case, and that TDH was not the first person to mention it to me. I'm taking steps (not just for him, but for myself) to get myself back on track, and I'm feeling better already.

One of the things he said to me was "I just want my Kate back."
That hurt, but I know he's right - Kate needs to step back into the picture.

On a happier note, no matter what our emotional standing, our sexual desire for each other never seems to waver - big surprise. When we can't see each other in person, we make great use of our webcams, and since the text "breakthrough" we seem to be using them even more.
His latest idea is to buy me about 50 feet of extra cable, so that I can drag the cam around with me so that he never has to miss out on what I'm doing during the day. Of course, he seems to be particularly interested in what goes on while I shower, get dressed, masturbate, etc. So we'll see what happens...


Southern Swinger said...

Well like most men, we think more with he "little' head rather than the big one

L. said...

An emotional dialogue via text sounds PAINFUL - for me, mostly, because I suck at texting. It takes me half an hour to type "I'm running late," which defeats the purpose. Never mind.

Sometimes men - and women - don't know what is fully bothering them until it manifests in a variety of ways. Sublimate, sublimate.

The 50' cable sounds interesting, though.

Krazy said...

I hate fights via text or IM, they are painful. Text much worse.

I agree with you that men want to avoid confrontation and make things more complicated and drive us nuts. Just say it like it is!

O said...

I've had text fights. Utterly maddening.

Dante d'Amore said...

Just get a wireless webcam.

Riff Dog said...

I try to make it a rule to never argue via email or text. Too easy to read things things the wrong way and then for things to escalate. Not that I always obey that rule . . . ;-)