Saturday, February 14, 2009

In Honor of Valentine's Day

As I've mentioned before, sex with TDH is phenomenal. That's not to say that I don't enjoy myself with SH - because I do - but with TDH sex feels the way I think it's "supposed" to feel. Intoxicating, breathtaking, flushed perfection.

He likes for me to be completely naked, and always prefers for there to be some form of light filtering in, so that he can take me in. He's incredibly quick at removing my clothes, but does it in such a way that I don't even realize I'm naked until he's pulled away from me, and is staring. He always says something like "My god, you are so beautiful," and will give me an incredibly slow, deep kiss, and it's almost as though he's seeing me for the first time.

Every move he makes when we're together is natural, and fluid - thought out, but impulsive. When I'm on top and he decides he wants me on my back, the way he flips me around almost seems effortless. He knows every spot that I ache for him to touch, and likes to kiss and nibble my entire body. When we're right in the heat of it, and there's no love making, just fucking, he still pauses long enough to whisper in his deep, smooth voice, "kiss me." And I do.

Even when we're in a hurry, he always takes the time to caress me, run his hands through my hair, look me deep in the eyes, marvel over my body, bite his way up one leg and down the other, and always, always makes me feel beautiful.

Sometimes now, we'll talk about what it's like when we have sex, and he often comments on parts of my body that I've never given a second thought to, or have always hated about myself. He tells me that I have the most perfect nipples, the most beautiful pink color, the perfect shape, the perfect size. He talks about how the color of my eyes is the most amazing color he's ever seen. He says he wants the walls in his house to be their exact shade of slate, so that everywhere he looks, he sees me. He tells me that I have a sexy back, and that he could spend hours running his fingers up and down my spine. He tells me that the way his cock fits so perfectly inside me gives him a pleasure that nothing else could.

I think one of the reasons sex with him is so amazing, is because he's incredibly passionate. He's passionate about me, about what we're doing, about taking each time we have with each other as a gift, so he doesn't want to waste it.

All I want today, is him.


Just a Girl said...

I wish someone would tell me I'm beautiful... and look at me like it was the first time.

Lionia said...

What a beautiful post! You are one lucky girl :). I think we are all really seeking that depth and passion. It's an amazing thing, and once you've had it, it's so difficult to settle for less, isn't it? I, too, sometimes enjoy sex with my husband. But I know it's never going to give me the depth of passion you describe here, which of course I yearn for. I enjoy it on a different level. Yet it leaves me inspired to seek out that lingering gaze, highly charged touch, desperate yearning I can only get with another man. Sigh.

Krazy said...

Yep, nothing like the passion you feel with your lover. Beautiful, isn't it?

Southern Swinger said...

Sounds like TDH is a very caring and giving person who makes you feel very special.

asweetnectar said...

How they can make you feel is priceless. You have yourself a great catch, one to appreciate you!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Valentine's Day--I understand your passion, and exactly where you're coming from.

Lust...beautiful isn't it?

max said...

mmm, it's great to be appreciated.