Monday, June 29, 2009

No Smoke Break For Me, But a Sex Break is Fine

Last Friday TDH had the day off.

I knew he was home alone working in his garage, and that he would probably be looking all types of sexy-man-working-on-macho-rough-guy-type-things gorgeous, so naturally I began the morning thinking about him. As on most days, he had talked to me on my drive to work, then had continued to text me throughout the morning.

As was to be expected, by lunch I was turned on beyond all rational thought, and was trying to think of ways to be able to see him.

You should know, I work halfway across the city from where he lives, which is no quick drive, even without rush hour.

Around 1 o'clock he texted that he was going inside to take a quick shower and then was planning on tidying up the house before starting to make dinner. He made mention of the fact that he was wishing I was there, and that he would love to walk out of the bathroom and see me on his bed.
I restrained myself from jumping in my car and heading over there - I had work to do.

But then when he texted a while later, saying that his shower was done and that he was wearing this certain t-shirt that I love, I couldn't resist anymore. I grabbed my keys and purse, jumped in the elevator, got in my car, and drove like a woman possessed for his house - but I didn't tell him I was coming.

About 3 minutes before I got there I sent him a quick text saying "Too bad I couldn't come over to distract you for a quick break, I miss your lips." He texted back with "Where are you?!?!" I gave him his answer about 2 minutes later when I knocked on his door.

He opened the door, bust into a huge grin, said "hi", shut the door behind me, and I tackled him. Kissing, groping, arms around his neck, wanting to undo his jeans but telling myself that I didn't have time for anything besides a quick kiss. But if wasn't long before he had me pinned up against the wall, my pants undone, one leg up and on his hip, and I was undoing his belt.

He pulled me over to the couch, demanded "Get your panties off!" to which I happily obliged, and then he pushed me down and slid himself into me. After several moments of us moving together, him kissing me, and biting his way up and down my legs, he was telling me he was going to cum, but as soon as he said it I hissed "Don't you dare!" and pushed him off me.
I made him sit on the couch, then straddled him, lowering myself down onto his cock, while he let his head fall back and let out a long, low "Fuuuuuuuuuuuck Kate."

Riding him like that is my absolute favorite position, and I was screaming with an orgasm in record-time. A moment later he bit his lip, then thrust so hard that he pushed me up off the couch, and I was balanced on his cock, my legs hanging over his hips.

His orgasm lasted almost an entire minute, him shuddering and holding me tighter and tighter. I love when he finishes like that. The more we have sex, the more intense his orgasms become, lasting a little longer each time. He tells me he has never finished with his wife that way - and I take great happiness and accomplishment in that.

After a quick clean-up I was back at his front door, where he bent down to my face and thanked me for making him take a break. A soft kiss and a big hug later I was back on the city streets, hauling my ass back to work.

When I walked in, no one said anything or asked where I was.

That won't be the last time for a visit like that :)


Gray said...

That is a way to take a break!! Loved it. :)

MizChievous said...

If only every break could be exactly like that, workdays would be something to look forward to!!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm....what a treat!

Krazy said...

Hey, nice to see you back! I am glad things are still going HOT for you two.

Maxie said...

Damn Kate. Lucky lady. I could very easily make it to Drako’s house from here for a quick nooner, if it wasn’t for two things. A) he works until 12:30 and B) H works in the same building I do. But the thought has crossed my mind on more than one occasion.

Advizor said...

You will soon have something to say about today's TMI question #1...

How many speeding tickets to you have?

I imagine they will start to pile up.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Have just found your blog & have read it all evening :o) Whilst I am not having an affair I am in a dead marriage and sympathise with all you are experiencing. So incredibly jealous at all the lovely sex, too!
I wish you both all the best & look forward to reading more. Much love

Eva Huntress said...

You may not write that often but surely your posts are worth the wait. Wow! a whole new meaning to the "pick me up" break! lucky you.

Topaz said...

How did I miss THIS post?
I simply love your spontaneity!
You're making me kick myself for not jumping in my car on a whim, because, well, come one, how rewarding!!!